Cauliflower and root vegetable bake (orders 3 days in advance)




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Product type: Main Meal




SFr. 12.50

Something magical happens when cauliflower is whipped into a smooth puree with cashew milk and nutritional yeast before being baked. The consistency and flavor is surprisingly good for such a simple method and so few ingredients; the result is the kind of comforting creaminess that I think most of us crave, especially in winter.  But, it isn’t just the delicious creamy top that makes this bake so unbelievably flavorful, the vegetable layer is also satisfying and scrumptious in its own right. Made with a mix of savory root vegetables, including Jerusalem artichokes, parsnip and fennel that are roasted and combined with leeks and greens and seasoned with grainy mustard. The combination of these two layers cooked in the oven until golden and bubbling make for a perfect winter meal. The disch contains no grains or beans.  Although it is deeply satisfying, it really doesn’t weigh you down. it is, an all vegetable feast

Dietary: contains celery, mustrad, nuts, dry yeast