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How to Order

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At Eklektik payment is done 3 days in advance before meals are prepared. Orders and payments are processed online.


Order or pick up food from our Kitchen in Altendorf (Mülistrasse 3, 8852, Altendorf) OR Get delivery to work or home address.

Shipping Fee

Delivery is Free for orders over 100CHF. For orders under 100CHF – the delivery fee is 7,50 CHF. Our Minimum Order is 45CHF.

For all other deliveries, meals can be delivered 3 days after order placement. Customers can place their orders up to one month in advance.

We deliver on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm to 9pm. If we are booked for delivery on your preferred day, we will offer you the closest alternative day.

If you would like delivery, but are not currently in our delivery area, please contact us directly. If we can arrange an exceptional delivery to you, we will.

Contact us for further Questions:

Eklektik is created to deliver delicious and healthy meals to the office or home. You can choose a meal to your liking from a large number of freshly cooked dishes low in calorie and high in proteins. Ordering food from our restaurant is easy and fast - you just need to select your favorite dishes online, put them in the basket and fill out the form. In order to have the freshest ingredients – we need to collect orders 3 days in advance.  For example: orders placed on Thursday will be delivered or can be collected on Sunday from 4pm to 7pm. We love what we do and put your time and health as our Top priority. Learn more about EKLEKTIK on About us page!

Adress:  Mülistrasse 3, 8852, Altendorf.