About eklektik

Healthy & Tasty Food Delivered!

We are passionate about tasty, original food that is of high nutritional value.  We created eklektik so our customers can eat fresh, tasty meals - everyday. We cook an eclectic mix of meals with influences from all over the world. eklektik is chef created international food that is good for your body - everyday.  
Processed & fast food is about profits for food companies rather than the well being of customers. eklektik puts the well being of our customers first.  There is no other competing priority. If a meal does not meet high standards of nutritional value and taste, it is Not On Our Menu. We don’t cook pizza / burgers / fries or kebabs -  your body cannot thrive on calories that are full of sugar and trans fats. Your body (and brain) will thrive on high quality fresh veg & protein packed full of micro nutrients in chef created combinations that deliver a taste sensation.

Canons of Eklektik Cooking!

We have 5 rules when we are in the Kitchen:  
                                                                               #1. Original - you will not find eklektik meals in many (if any) local restaurants.
                                                                               #2. Tasty - the ingredients, herbs & spices and the cooking produces a taste sensation.
                                                                               #3. Healthy - no white sugar, no trans fats, no seed oils.  Packed with Veg and quality protein.
                                                                               #4. High quality seasonal ingredients. Whenever possible locally grown and / or organic.
                                                                              #5. Reheatable - the meals should taste good when reheated out of the fridge (or the freezer, should you choose to freeze a fresh meal)

How it works:

                                                                                       No Contracts - Order What and When you like. 
                                                                                       You can pick up from our Kitchen or we will deliver.
                                                                                       We take orders 3 days ahead.

        Our Food:

                                                                                                Fresh High Quality Protein & Nutrient Rich Meals
                                                                                                Our meals will last at least 3 to 4 days in the
                                                                                                fridge or months in the freezer.
                                                                                                Healthy chef created cuisine you can eat everyday 

        Check our HOW IT WORKS page and learn more about delivery system. 


        Here is the list of 37 post codes, where we deliver Food for only 7,50 CHF:

         In case your area is not included in the list, please contact us and we will find a way to get you eklektik creations.

        Location Postcode / PLZ Delivery Fee (CHF)
        Lachen 8853 7.5
        Freienbach 8807 7.5
        Pfäffikon 8808 7.5
        Bäch 8806 7.5
        Hurden 8640 7.5
        Wollerau 8832 7.5
        Wilen 8832 7.5
        Schindellegi 8834 7.5
        Altendorf 8852 7.5
        Feusisberg 8835 7.5
        Siebnen 8854 7.5
        Bennau 8836 7.5
        Samstagern 8833 7.5
        Einsiedeln 8840 7.5
        Einsiedeln 8841 7.5
        Wädenswil 8804 7.5
        Wädenswil 8820 7.5
        Wädenswil 8824 7.5
        Wädenswil 8825 7.5
        Rapperswil-Jona 8633 7.5
        Rapperswil-Jona 8640 7.5
        Rapperswil-Jona 8645 7.5
        Rapperswil-Jona 8714 7.5
        Rapperswil-Jona 8715 7.5
        Rapperswil-Jona 8734 7.5
        Horgen 8810 7.5
        Horgen 8815 7.5
        Horgen 8816 7.5
        Kilchberg (ZH) 8802 7.5
        Kilchberg (ZH) 8803 7.5
        Langnau am Albis 8135 7.5
        Oberrieden 8942 7.5
        Richterswil 8805 7.5
        Richterswil 8833 7.5
        Rüschlikon 8803 7.5
        Thalwil 8136 7.5
        Thalwil 8800 7.5



        eklektik prepares and cooks in house a  comprehensive range of affordable healthy fresh food.  You can eat eklektik 7 days a week for lunch and dinner (we are working on our breakfast options). Our food is suitable for athletes, those wanting to avoid processed food for weight loss and people who want to become more healthy or remain healthy.  Our meals are made from fresh and nutritious ingredients aimed at sharpening the body and mind, while tasting terrific.   

        eklektik uses only high quality fresh ingredients.  eklektik means that ordering nourishing and healthy meals around Lake Zurich has become easy.

        Check out all the delicious and healthy meals in our Menu